Dogs use high levels of energy to carry out their acitivities

Use Music to help your dog relax

Dogs use high levels of energy for physical activities, at times it may be difficult for them to relax. One proven way is through soft music. It soothes them to sleep and reduce separation anxiety. Dogs can be destructive when anxious, at times, they tear stuff, disorganizing the arrangement of the home and defecating and urinating all over the compound. You have to have a suitable activity to make them relax.

How to use music to sooth a dog

Choose a beat that is soft with canine-like chords. It portrays a message of “no barking” It will help them beat away the boredom as well as reduce the anxiety and finally relax.  The hearing capacity of the dogs is different from humans; the music should be a little louder than what humans consider low volume music. Music producers have music designed for dogs, it is a mixture of different tunes of diverse music genres to create music dynamism ideal for the pets.

Music collection ideal for your dog

Research shows, a different type of music have different behavioral effects on dogs. For example, classic music prolongs the sleeping duration of dogs while reggae music increases their shaking and trembling anxiety. Alternatively, soft music soothes the dog to calmness. According to this research “Behavioral effect of auditory stimulation on kenneled dogs,” by Kogan, Schoenfeld-Tacher & Simon, The rhythm, and dynamism of music has a direct effect on the pet behaviors

However, relaxation of a dog is not just through the sounds but the comfort of the external environment matters too. The bed must be soft and smooth; the room must be warm and friendly among other factors. Fast- played music with recurrent sounds ignites hyperactivity in the dogs and the resultant behavior is continues barking and restlessness as if it is dancing to the music but slow paced music reduces its barking, ignites calmness and sleep position with eyes closed then finally relax.

Classic music is considered human voice; the main reason for a soothing effect on dogs when it is played. Reggae music to dogs is provocative of a quick response from the animal hence the restlessness and continuous barking.

Vet doctors recommend fast-paced music for docile dogs when it is inactive due to stress or illness. It is the best music to improve healing through physical activity aside from giving them healthy food like hummus for dog, check more in here: . Classic music is in different classifications, care is required to avoid the ones which with more commanding tunes rather than soothing tunes. Not all classic music will make the dog relax.

The best music to sooth a dog should have the following features:

  • It should have prolonged notes.
  • It should have a soothing tempo.
  • The tone should be regular and related to the positive statement with less noise.
  • Instrumental compositions should be in low tone.

Dogs are naturally hyperactive; the choice of music can enhance their behavior or moderate their restlessness. Even though, kenneled dogs have a diverse response to different music genres compared to free-range dogs. Music is the most proven method to help your dog relax.

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