Must have equipment in your Emergency Toolbox

When performing in the stage, the people who organize the stage and the event should have an emergency toolbox. The stage is a make shift structure which is prone to damage due to many factors. The wood might crack and create a line of weakness. Keep in mind there are electric connection which might cause more harm. The event organizers must have a hammer, screws, pliers, clump, nails, backup generator, glue, electric wire(

Where do you use the tools?toolbox


A long nail can fix the line of weakness created by the crack. To fit the nail a hammer is required to fix the mess and ensure the show continues. At times a guest might decide to display a chart to enhance his presentation, a hammer and a nail must be available to sort it.


This is an emergency equipment to increase firmness where there could have been forgotten because of hurried construction.


This is a tool, which cannot miss to be required in an emergency. In electric work, it can be used to complete a circuit when the electric appliance fails to work.

A measuring tape

You have to get the right measurement to get the right length that should fit in any project. The measuring tape helps you avoid wastage when rushing to but an emergency rod. You can get a shorter measurement if you choose to use your naked eyes to make assumption of the right length.

Backup generator

You can have a function in the middle of the bush. The source of power is important; always have a portable power generator to solve your power needs. When using appliances, which require low power consumptions LED batteries will be of help. Carry extras in your bag. In the film industry, you might go longer hours filming a movie in the middle of the jungle. Access to batteries might be a distance; the extra batteries will sort out the problem immediately.


Cables help complete a circuit. They can also act as a rope to tighten a loose part of an appliance. The tool kit must have cables of some reasonable lengths. However, take note, when handling electric appliances. Have the recommended thickness of the cables to avoid short circuit. This means, have cables of different thickness in the emergency toolkit.


Equipment are prone to wear and tear, a small opening can cause an appliance to fail completely to function. This is where glue comes in handy. There are various types of glue. Have a variety to help you solve the challenges during emergencies. There is the universal super glue, which is ideal for all surfaces.


To add more life to your project, it is better to have paint sprayer for easier coloring of walls,chairs etc. Get paint sprayer at

The tools to have in your emergency toolkit depend on the type of project you are handling. A woodwork project has different toolkits compared to electric toolbox. Similarly, metalwork project requires different category of tools. Although there are others which are multipurpose in all the projects; make the right choice to carry the right tools like benchtop drill press here.